• Risk Assessment

    How To Do A Fire Risk Assessment On Site

    When involved in any element of a commercial premise, it’s mandatory by law that you complete a fire risk assessment, in extreme detail. The entire point of conducting a fire risk assessment on site is to not only to keep your employees safe, but any surrounding pedestrians also. Due to the expertise required to complete …

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  • Tips for keeping a clean construction site

    Tips For Keeping A Clean Construction Site

    To some, a construction site being ‘messy’ is simply a fact of life, but we certainly don’t agree. In fact, while there is often wear and tear involved in construction and logistics, keeping a site clean while work is ongoing is equally as important as completing the job to the highest standard – in fact, …

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  • Material And Waste Management On Construction Sites And The Effect On The Environment

    Material And Waste Management On Construction Sites And The Effect On The Environment

    If not properly managed, a construction site can become dangerous, and a large part of this is down to waste and materials on site. Every year, the British construction industry uses a huge 400 million tonnes of natural resources, and if not properly managed and monitored, this could become detrimental to our environment, as this …

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  • Traffic Management

    The Importance Of Traffic Management Around A Construction Site

    Every year, there is an average of 7 deaths due to accidents involving vehicles on a construction site, as well as 93 being seriously injured. This statistic alone proves how important traffic management is when working on a construction site, as without it, several lives are put in danger. Effective traffic management around a construction …

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  • Tackling climate change

    Tackling Climate Change & Environmental Degradation Through Construction

    Climate change and environmental degradation are important issues to consider when it comes to the construction industry. Housing is one of the biggest issues in the world right now, whether it’s a lack of housing, or a lack of sustainability of the housing that we currently have. Our Quality Systems here at Pro-Quo Logistics is …

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  • Undertaking Construction Risk Assessment

    Five Ways To Stay Safe on A Construction Site

    At Pro Quo, we pride ourselves on our approach to working safely and securely, in line with UK health and safety regulations. Construction workers face a number of hazards on a daily basis, ranging from manual handling risks to those associated with using machinery. Here are just five ways to stay safe on a construction …

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