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As a long-established London logistics company, we have gained a reputation for the quality of our work and the high standard of our service. When you hire Pro Quo to take responsibility for your construction logistics, you can be certain of a job well done.

We are continually looking for new ways to improve. We analyse past performance to discover how we can accomplish the task even better next time. By constantly reviewing our processes, we keep at the top of our game.


Our commitment to quality is a commitment to achieving the aims of your project. We become part of your team, and we share your dedication to a successful outcome.

Not only will we do the job that needs doing, we’ll add value wherever possible – improving your effectiveness and cutting your costs. With our unrivalled experience and unbeatable expertise, you can rely on us at all times, whatever challenges may arise.

Health and Safety

Health and safety is at the heart of what we do – and we can work with you to develop your own health and safety procedures.

Our focus is on establishing safe working systems for the wide range of activities we are responsible for. To achieve this, we carry out regular audits to ensure sites are compliant with current legislative requirements. We also continually monitor staff training needs to ensure they are always fully competent and aware of the latest safety procedures.

In order to achieve this Pro-Quo Logistics employ Safety Services (UK) Limited. Professional Occupational Health and Safety Consultants established in 1983 that provide a complete health and safety service to the Construction industry & many others.

Working in partnership with Pro-Quo Logistics to administer our Health & Safety & Environmental policies as well as manage our training and further education courses. They undertake our site safety audits to ensure that not just us but every contractor on site is working safely.

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At Pro Quo, we are proud to have achieved a number of accreditations from respectable organisations within the industry. These accreditations demonstrate the quality of our work and the high standards to which our employees operate.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certification

ISO 9001 is the international standard that demonstrates our ability to consistently provide services that meet your requirements and those of any regulatory body. ISO 9001 certification reflects our ability to define and map time-critical processes and deliver solutions on schedule. More importantly, it provides you with the certainty you need that we will consistently meet agreed objectives.

Our ISO 14000:2015 standard demonstrates our dedication to our environmental responsibilities. It shows we have a comprehensive set of procedures in place to minimise our impact on the natural world.

Both these standards are not an end in themselves. They are a mark of our continued commitment to providing client-centred, environmentally-friendly services of the utmost quality at all times.

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Better Environment, Better Tomorrow

Environmental degradation represent real and present threats to economic growth, human societies and ecological base which sustains them. Tackling climate change and environmental degradation provides significant economic opportunities for the construction sector through both increased and better productivity, Pro Quo defining sustainability and identifying issues important to the business projecting individual sustainability goals and demonstrating to progress toward those objectives, commitment to more eco-friendly building practices.

  • Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions.
  • Prevent Water Pollution.
  • Incorporating Low-Impact Building Materials.
  • Using More Energy Efficient Equipment.
  • Reducing Construction Site Waste.
  • Practicing Inter-Company Sustainability.

Environmentally Friendly

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