Smart Logistics services for the entire construction project

Large construction projects incorporate a wide range of specialist activities. That’s why our logistics services are designed to tackle every aspect of your project. From initial planning to plant and operative supply, from strip-outs to fit-outs, our comprehensive range of services ensure your project progresses from concept to completion without a hitch.

Furthermore, we are very used to working on busy, large-scale projects in London, so we know the demands of operating in inner city areas and complying with multiple sets of regulations. So whatever challenges you face, you can rest assured that Pro Quo has the perfect solution to your needs.

Construction Logistics for London

Pre-construction logistics planning

With our initial planning, you can be sure of a successful outcome for any project.

Material management

We save you time and space by organising the arrival of materials to the desired location with precision timing.

Plant and operative supply

We can supply you the plant for your project in a short time of schedule.

Waste management

Dealing appropriately with waste has become increasingly demanding, with detailed legal obligations now in place.

Traffic management

Traffic bottlenecks can seriously disrupt the progress of any construction project.

Fire management

Fire is a constant risk on any construction site.

Security and access control management

With valuable equipment and materials on site, construction projects can become a magnet for thieves.

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Construction Services

Fit-Out and Internal Strip-Out

Whatever your requirements, we bring solid technical expertise to your project.

Safety First

Established to cater to all the innovative needs of clients from smart Logistics Pro Quo also offer you a range of related dynamic services that abide by all the health and safety standards of the UK.

Safe System of Work

All activities will be risk assessed and suitable and sufficient control measures will be implemented and cascaded to all employees and sub-contractors before the activities are undertaken.

Competent Workforce

Sufficient training and mentoring is provided to ensure the competence of all staff.

Safe Behaviors

We require all employees and sub contractors to work safely at all times and to ensure that others around them work safely.

House Refurbishment

With over a decade of industry experience, we provide a service for House & Home Renovation London which ensures you have a high quality finish, which is within your budget and meets your deadline.

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Better Environment, Better Tomorrow

Environmental degradation represent real and present threats to economic growth, human societies and ecological base which sustains them. Tackling climate change and environmental degradation provides significant economic opportunities for the construction sector through both increased and better productivity, Pro Quo defining sustainability and identifying issues important to the business projecting individual sustainability goals and demonstrating to progress toward those objectives, commitment to more eco-friendly building practices.

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