Construction Logistics

Pre-construction logistics planning

With our initial planning, you can be sure of a successful outcome for any project. Our comprehensive range of planning and implementation services ensure every detail is dealt with and every potential problem is resolved before work commences.

Our dedicated team will analyse every step of the proposed project and suggest a package of tailor-made solutions to facilitate its successful completion. With unrivalled experience and unbeatable expertise, our pre-construction logistics planning team are able to give any project the specialist support it needs to succeed.

Material management

We save you time and space by organising the arrival of materials to the desired location with precision timing. Whatever materials are involved, we locate and handle them safely using appropriate equipment where necessary.

The careful coordination of all materials used in a project is one of the key responsibilities of construction logistics. The task typically involves transport, storage and loading, as well as security and stock taking.

On most major building developments, where space is at a premium, our ability to tailor resources to meet changing needs can transform a struggling construction project into an on-schedule success.

Plant and operative supply

We can supply you the plant for your project in a short time of schedule, our logistics team  make sure that you have the right equipment for the right job when you want it and whether it’s for one day at short notice, or for the duration of your project.

At Pro Quo we monitor and maintain our equipment so we know it’s always in excellent condition and provide trained personnel to recommend plant suitable for your needs.

We supply skilled, qualified, insured, and keen operatives ready to get straight to work. We do the correct paperwork to leave you free to concentrate on the job.

Waste management

Dealing appropriately with waste has become increasingly demanding, with detailed legal obligations now in place. We create a comprehensive plan for dealing with all your waste, so it can be tackled in the most efficient and effective way possible.

To maximise sustainability and minimise any impact on the environment, we take all the waste from your site and sort it into recyclable, non-recyclable and hazardous material according to the latest regulations.

We assess the health and safety implications in our waste management strategy and take action to prevent injuries and accidents. Your project stays on the right side of the law, while we go about protecting the environment and improving project sustainability on your behalf.

Traffic management

Traffic bottlenecks can seriously disrupt the progress of any construction project. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, we’ll implement a traffic management system that gets your deliveries to you on time.

Safety is always a priority, so we monitor vehicles at all times until they have left the site. We will also record vehicle details and maintain any necessary administration.

We conform to the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS). This industry-led accreditation scheme helps to improve fleet operator performance in key areas such as environmental performance, safety and operational efficiency.

This is an ongoing, dynamic process that continually adapts to suit changing circumstances. While we deal with shifting demands and unexpected challenges, all you will notice is the prompt arrival of your supplies.

Fire management

Fire is a constant risk on any construction site. Hazardous and flammable liquids and materials can create a toxic inferno in a matter of minutes, posing a serious threat to premises, equipment, materials and, of course, people. It is essential, therefore, that fire safety management is an integral part of any building project.

With Pro Quo taking care of your fire management, nothing will be left to chance. We will install fire points, designate fire escape routes and maintain emergency signage. We will ensure fire alarm systems are operating correctly, undertake regular fire audits and organise fire drills. With our help, the threat of fire will be minimised. And if a fire should start, you can rest assured it will be dealt with promptly with minimal harm to your property or people.

Security and access control management

With valuable equipment and materials on site, construction projects can become a magnet for thieves. Controlling access so that only authorised personnel can enter the site, therefore, is crucial to the safety and security of your plant, materials, documentation and your workforce.

The specific measures implemented will vary depending on the type of site being safeguarded. For example, we implement access control, so no one can enter the area unless authorised; CCTV for round the clock surveillance; and patrols for a permanent security presence.

At Pro Quo, we understand that, while security is paramount, you don’t want your workplace being turned into a fortress. Thanks to modern technology and our qualified personnel, we can provide your construction site with the utmost security getting in the way of your work.


Construction Logistics

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